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To promote the understanding, protection, and care of Pickerel Lake, Colchester CT.
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September 23, 2014

During our last lake meeting, residents agreed to solicit quotes for road improvements and replacement of drainage pipes. The quotes are detailed in the recent newsletter available in .pdf format here. A special meeting is scheduled for Saturday August 9 12:30 PM to discuss the quotes. Please attend the meeting if you are able. Payments are due for the recent lake draw down. It was requested that each lakefront owner pay $50.00. $1,350 was raised and the bill was $1,884.85. If you have not submitted a check, please do so !

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Pickerel Lake is located in the Westchester Section of Colchester, CT. The Lake is a Connecticut Bass Management Lake and is owned by the State of Connecticut. Pickerel Lake is known for its outstanding fishing and recreation. There are several homes that border the East side of Pickerel Lake and a State of Connecticut boat launch on the Northern edge. We hope that you will visit Pickerel Lake in Colchester, CT. Our friendly residents welcome you.

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